Welcome to second annual NerdsHeart YA Tournament.  On behalf of Jodie (Book Gazing), Trish (Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin?), Amy (My Friend Amy) and myself Michelle (Galleysmith) I’d like to express how excited we are to be taking over the reigns from the tournament’s wonderful birth mother Renay of YA Fabulous! fame.  As many of you may (or may not) know, Renay was unable to move forward with planning and organization of the Nerds Heart YA tournament this year so she asked for volunteers to take over in her stead.

Lookie here….now you’re stuck with us!

This year we have loads of great stuff planned for everyone to enjoy and hope to build on the awesome foundation Renay built.  For 2010, we’re going to continue with the themes of under representation and diversity.  In the coming weeks watch this blog as we’ll be providing a more information regarding time lines, nomination and judging criteria as well as other fun stuff. You can also get a general feel for our focus for the tournament via the About page linked in the navigation above.

In the mean time, follow our handy dandy communication devices: Nerds Heart YA Twitter, Facebook Page, and subscribe to our blog RSS feed for continuous updates and content.

Once again, welcome! We’re excited to get the ball rolling.