Drum Roll Please…..

Amy, Jodie, Trish and I are extremely pleased with the response we’ve gotten from bloggers interested in being judges.  We hope everyone is equally excited to find out who they are!

Without further ado, here are the brackets for the Second Annual Nerds Heart YA Tournament. Click the thumbnail image below to see the larger version.

So here’s how it’s going to work — nominations for books to be included in the brackets are ongoing through March 31st.  Once that date has past we’ll work with our young adult literature consultants (who we’ll showcase in a separate post soon) will whittle down the list to fit the brackets.  After that we’ll get the show on the road and it’ll be all about the judges getting their reviews on.

What does this mean for judges? Well, in the coming weeks, we’ll be contacting you about timelines.  We hope to space things out a little bit so that we’re not inundating people’s feed readers with 40 posts about the tournament all at the same time.  We also want to be sure that each book gets some good attention even if it isn’t selected to move on in the brackets.

If you’re a judge and you have any questions let us know.  If you’ve been selected and you find you can’t commit to participating please let us know right away!

Congratulations all!