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Ok people, look below to find out which books made it through to the NerdsHeartYA shortlist:

Donut Days –  Lara Zielin

Me, Just Different – Stephanie Morrill

Pure – Terra Elan McVoy

The World is Mine – Lyah B.  LeFlore

Gringolandia – Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Wanting Mor – Rukhsana Khan

Devil’s Kiss – Sarwat Chadda

Jumped – Rita  Williams-Garcia

Guantanamo Boy – Anna Perera

Shine, Coconut Moon – Neesha Meminger

Skunk Girl – Sheba Karim

Last Night I Sang to the Monster – Benjamin Alire-Saenz

The Rock and the River – Kekla Magoon

Purple Heart – Patricia McCormick

Alligator Bayou – Donna Jo Napoli

Almost Perfect – Brain Katcher

Medina Hill – Trilby Kent

Lost – Jacqueline Davies

In the Path of Falling Objects – Andrew Smith

Funny How Things Change –  Melissa Wyatt

Blessing’s Bead – Debby Dahl-Edwardson

The Blonde of the Joke –  Bennett Madison

Say the Word – Jeannine Garsee

In Mike We Trust – P E Ryan

Evil? – Timothy Carter

Beautiful – Amy Reed

Tilmon County Fire – Pamela  Ehrenberg

The Vast Fields of Ordinary – Nick Burd

Once You Go Back – Douglas A. Martin

Anything but Typical – Nora Raleigh Baskin

Border Crossing – Jessica Lee-Anderson

Rowan the Strange- Julie Hearn

And here’s who will be reading what:

If you’re in the later rounds, please refer back to the original judging bracket graphic to see which books could potentially filter through to you later in the competition.

The schedule for posting first round judging decisions is:

June 15th: Heidenkind’s Hideaway Puss Reboots: A Book Review a Day
June 15th Bookish Blather arch thinking
June 17th: opinionated? me? Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog
June 17th: Rhapsody In Books
June 19th: Good Books & Good Wine
June 19th: Pineapples & Pyjamas
June 21st: Regular Rumination
June 21st: Beth Fish Reads
June 23rd: Melanie’s Musings
June 23rd: Book Addiction Read What You Know
June 25th: Books, Movies and Chinese Food
June 25th: Maw Books
June 27th: BookLust
June 27th: Valentina’s Room
June 29th: Linus’s Blanket
June 29th:The Neverending Shelf

Please post your reviews and your judging decision on your assigned day, no sooner. You can write reviews, general thoughts posts, just post a decision or write anything else you want about the books you’ve been asked to judge.

Joint reviewers please get in touch with your partners and work out a wonderful NerdsHeartYA decision scheme (please contact right away if you can’t get in contact with your partner).

The posting schedule for people judging the later rounds still needs to be finalised. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Lastly can I just ask all the judges for this first round to leave a comment here as soon as possible, or on our Twitter feed confirming that they’re still ok to judge.

That’s it, have fun reading!


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