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‘Last Night I Sang to the Monster’ by Benjamin Alire Saenz! PresentingLenore declared this book the winner of Nerds Heart YA 2010 today.

Congratulations to our winner and to all our nominated authors and their books. We really hope everyone has enjoyed Neard Heart YA 2010 and that you’re excited to read some of the under publicised titles we’ve highlighted this year. I know I’m slowly working my way through the list of titles.

Thanks to all our judges, authors and those who’ve been following the contest for your support. We hope you’ll all follow the contest next year, when we predict it will be even bigger, brighter and better.


PresentingLenore has experienced some unreliable internet bookseller behaviour and the books she needs to pick the winner for Nerds Heart YA have not arrived yet!

The winner will now be revealed on 17th September. Hopefully the books will get to her soon. Let’s all cross our fingers and wish her good luck in deciding on a winner.

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  • Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed us so far. We will be sending out details in a couple of weeks :) 6 years ago
  • @heidenkind no - you're on our list & will get details of what the project consists of soon so you can decide if it sounds fun for you :) 6 years ago

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