Below you can see a graphical representation of the NHYA 2011 Brackets (click to enlarge).

The graphic shows which books are matched against each other in the first round, as well as which judges books could potentially filter through to in later rounds. The brackets are colour coded into pairs and I’ll quickly explain that system, using an example:

If you look down at the bottom, left hand side  of the graphic you’ll see our first round judges Stella Matutina and Sunshine and Bones.

Stella Matutina will read both green coloured books that float around their name, while the judge above her Sunshine and Bones will read both red coloured books that float around their name.

Each judge will read their two assigned books and decide which one they think deserves to go into the second round. Lisa the Nerd and My Reading Frenzy will read the two books that filter through to them and make a decision, as a pair, about which book they think should move into the third round. And so on…

Each first round judging bracket will announce its decision on a specific day. The dates are as follows:

13th June This Purple Crayon/Book Addiction
13th June VioletCrush/The Literary Wife
15th June Pineapples & Pyjamas/Book Harbinger
(Edit) 21st June Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog/ Bookworming in the 21st Century
17th June Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic 
17th June Books, Movies and Chinese Food/The Brain Lair
20th June The Wandering Librarians – Arianna/The Wandering Librarians – Anna
20th June We’re not butterflies…/A Backwards Story
22nd June TheReadingZone/Shylock Books
22nd June Early Nerd Special/Snarkymamma
24th June Book Nut
24th June Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Books
27th June the rejectionist
27th June TATAL 
29th June Sunshine and Bones
29th June Stella Matutina

I hope you’ll enjoy following the tournament this year, either by reading the blog, or following our Twitter feed.

Make sure you stay connected with us, because we have some great tournament extras coming up. This year we’ll be hosting a giveaway and a roundtable discussion on diversity in publishing. Several authors with books in the 2011 tournament will be taking part in interviews (we still have some authors interested in being interviewed, so please email nerdsheartya at googlemail dot com if you’d like to set up an author interview).