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All the judging decisions for NHYA are now in, so we know which books will be moving into the second round. Of course, what you want to know is what kind of agonisingly tough judging decisions have our second round judges been left to make! 

Check out our handy graphic to see which books will meet in the second round bracket:

Here’s the schedule for the second round of judging, so you can sit urgently refreshing your browser on the right day:

July 11th: Fiction State of Mind
July 13th: Paranthetical/ My Library Card Wore Out
July 15th: The Book Nest/Booked Up
July 18th: thingsmeanalot/Bonjour Cass!
July 20th: Emily’s Reading Room
July 22nd: The Re-shelf
July 25th: Regular Rumination
July 27th: Lisa the Nerds/My Reading Frenzy


Here we go! Check in every other day from 13th June until 29th June to see this post updated with the decisions from the first round of judging. Good luck to all our authors.

Jun 13th: This Purple Crayon and Book Addiction judged ‘The Red Umbrella’ by Christina Gonzalez and ‘Tell Us We’re Home’ by Marina Budhos.

June 13th: Viloet Crush and The Literary Wife judged ‘Stringz by Micheal Wenberg and ‘Five Flavors of Dumb’ – Anthony John.

‘Five Flavors of Dumb’ by Anthony John moves on.

‘The Red Umberella’ by Christina Gonzalez moves on.

June 15th: Pineapples and Pyjamas and Book Harbinger judged ‘Tall Story’ by Candy Gourlay and ‘Premiere’ by Melody Carlson.

‘Tall Story’ by Candy Gourlay moves on.

June 15th: Bookworming in the 21st Century and Birdbrain(ed) judged ‘Finding Family’ by Tonya Bolden and ‘Toads and Diamonds’ by Heather Tomlinson.

‘Toads and Diamonds’ by Heather Tomlinson moves on.

June 17th: The Brain Lair and Books, Movie and Chinese Food judged ‘When the Stars Go Blue’ by Cardidad Ferrer and ‘Dark Water’ by Laura McNeal.

‘Dark Water’ by Laura McNeal moves on.

June 17th: Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic judged ‘The Last Summer of the Death Warriors’ by Francisco Stork and ‘The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin’ by Josh Berk.

‘The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin’ by Josh Berk moves on.

June 20th: A Backwards Story and we’re not butterflies judged ‘Invisible Girl’ by Mary Hanlon Stone and ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by C J Omololu.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by C J Omololu moves on.

June 20th: The Wandering Librarians Anna and Arianne judged ‘Summer Song’ by Louise Blaydon and ‘A Love Story Starring My Best Friend’ by Emily Horner.

‘A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend’ by Emily Horner moves on.

June 22nd: Early Nerd Special and Snarky Mamma judged ‘Stargazer’ by Von Allan and ‘How I Made it To Eighteen (A Mostly True Story)’ by Tracy White.

‘How I Made It To Eighteen (A Mostly True Story)’ by Tracey White moves on.

June 22nd: Shylock Books and The Reading Zone judged ‘The Kid Table’ by Andrea Seigel and ‘Teenie’ by Christopher Grant.

‘The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel moves on.

June 24th: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books judged ‘Paper Daughter’ by Jeanette Ingold and ‘What Momma Left Me’ by Renee Watson.

‘What Momma Left Me’ by Renee Watson moves on.

June 24th: Book Nut judged ‘Mindblind’ by Jennifer Roy and ‘8th Grade Super Zero’ by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovitch.

‘8th Grade Super Zero’ by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovitch moves on.

June 27th: TATAL Online judged ‘Where the Truth Lies’ by Jessica Warman and ‘Jumpstart the World’ by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

‘Jumpstart the World’ by Catherine Ryan Hyde moves on.

June 27th: the rejectionist judged ‘Pull’ by B A Binns and ‘Efrain’s Secret’ by Sofia Quintero.

‘Pull’ by B A Binns moves on.

June 29th: Stella Matutina judged ‘The End: Five Queer Kids Save the World’ by Nora Olsen and ‘Bleeding Violet’ by Dia Reeves.

‘Bleeding Violet’ by Dia Reeves moves on.

June 29th: Sunshine and Bones judged ‘Bamboo People’ by Mitali Perkins and ‘Abe in Arms’ by Peggy Deitz Shea.

‘Abe in Arms’ by peggy Deitz Shea moves on.

Before our first round judges start making their decisions we’d really like to hear from you about the books on the NHYA 2011 short-list. I mean, what’s a book tournament without STRONG OPINIONS from readers, right?

If you are getting ready to use your srs frowny face if a certain book doesn’t move on we’d love to know. If you’ve reviewed one, or more of the books please leave us links to check out. We’ll add your links into this post once the tournament starts, so that anyone who drops by can check out your useul NHYA resource.

Gush, squee, debate away! We’re listening 🙂

Reviews and Discussion

Doret: ‘The judges for Stingz and Five Flavors of Dumb have two great books to look forward to.’

Paranthetical: ‘Agreed about ‘Five Flavours of Dumb’,I think that’s my favorite of the ones I’ve read, and that’s saying something, because I also loved ‘8th Grade Superzero’ pretty hard.’ ‘The Kid Table’, ‘A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend’.

Rhapsody in Books: ‘Pull’, ‘When the Stars Go Blue’. ‘I loved both of them!’

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