Before our first round judges start making their decisions we’d really like to hear from you about the books on the NHYA 2011 short-list. I mean, what’s a book tournament without STRONG OPINIONS from readers, right?

If you are getting ready to use your srs frowny face if a certain book doesn’t move on we’d love to know. If you’ve reviewed one, or more of the books please leave us links to check out. We’ll add your links into this post once the tournament starts, so that anyone who drops by can check out your useul NHYA resource.

Gush, squee, debate away! We’re listening 🙂

Reviews and Discussion

Doret: ‘The judges for Stingz and Five Flavors of Dumb have two great books to look forward to.’

Paranthetical: ‘Agreed about ‘Five Flavours of Dumb’,I think that’s my favorite of the ones I’ve read, and that’s saying something, because I also loved ‘8th Grade Superzero’ pretty hard.’ ‘The Kid Table’, ‘A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend’.

Rhapsody in Books: ‘Pull’, ‘When the Stars Go Blue’. ‘I loved both of them!’