All the judging decisions for NHYA are now in, so we know which books will be moving into the second round. Of course, what you want to know is what kind of agonisingly tough judging decisions have our second round judges been left to make! 

Check out our handy graphic to see which books will meet in the second round bracket:

Here’s the schedule for the second round of judging, so you can sit urgently refreshing your browser on the right day:

July 11th: Fiction State of Mind
July 13th: Paranthetical/ My Library Card Wore Out
July 15th: The Book Nest/Booked Up
July 18th: thingsmeanalot/Bonjour Cass!
July 20th: Emily’s Reading Room
July 22nd: The Re-shelf
July 25th: Regular Rumination
July 27th: Lisa the Nerds/My Reading Frenzy