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Ana and Thea of The Booksmugglers have made their decision and picked the winner of NHYA 2011. They judged between ‘What Momma Left Me’ by Renee Watson and ‘Five Flavors of Dumb’ by Antony John.

And the winner is…*drum roll* *nervous cheers* *needless delaying by presenter for anticipation*

‘What Momma Left Me’ by Renee Watson.

Congratulations to the novel and the author! 

We hope NHYA has brought some new readers to all the books in the tournament and we hope authors have enjoyed seeing their books discussed by passionate readers. I have a couple of email tasks to complete with some authors, but hopefully I’ll be in touch this week (so sorry, I am really behind this year). 

Thanks to all of our judges, those of you who nominated books and everyone who has been watching the tournament progress. Hope you’ve had fun this year and we would love to see your thoughts about this year’s tournament in the comments.


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