In 2009 Renay from subverting the text set up Nerds Heart YA with the aim of showcasing books that had not received as much publicity as the big hitter books of 2009. Through a bracket style competition, judges who were passionate about getting more visibility for fantastic, under represented books whittled down a shortlist of sixteen to just one ultimate winner – Steve Kluger’s ‘My Most Excellent Year’.

In 2010 Nerds Heart YA returned bigger than ever with some new organisers! The 2010 tournament showcased 32 books via an additional level of brackets, with a focus on diversity.

This year the central focus of the tournament will continue to be diversity. In 2011 we’re seeking to build a dynamic long and short lists of books that represent one of a series of relatively under publicized categories.

Specifically, the lists will consist of books that:

  • Were published in 2010
  • Have received minimum press on blogs
  • Feature characters, or are penned by authors, who fall within the following categories:
    • Person(s) of Color (POC)
    • GLBT
    • Disability
    • Mental Illness
    • Religious Lifestyle
    • Lower Socioeconomic Status
    • Plus-size

We need your help!

Nerds Heart YA has always tried to involve those in the blogging world who love young adult literature. In 2011 you can get involved by nominating titles or applying to judge a bracket once the shortlist is created. In the coming weeks we’ll be soliciting your help with to make Nerds Heart YA 2011 an explosion of awesome!